May 6, 2018

KIEHLS GETS PERSONAL guys! Last week I have visited Kiehl's store to try out their newly launched personalized skincare service which a professional skin care consultant evaluates your skin through a one-on-one session to formulate a custom facial concentrate.
The concentrate consists of three parts which include Skin Strengthening Concentrate plus brightening and texture complex serum which are selected by the skin care consultant based on your need. I personally believe that skin care industry is long overdue for a personalized approach to skin care that is more convenient rather than having to go through a rigorous trial and error process. There is no one better to accomplish this feat than Kiehl's! Not only they have over 150 years of experience under their belt, but they had the same core mission since its inception and they have perfected their craft. While visiting, I have also had a pleasure of browsing through the selection of men's product they offer, and the simplistic approach they have to their product is what captured my attention and earned my seal of approval as a menswear blogger. Men are usually shy when it comes to skin care products, and especially if you are new to this realm, I would highly recommend you take advantage of their complimentary consultation, and get all the skin care needs addressed in one stop. Check out some of the visuals from my visit below!


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