Jan 9, 2018


Hey guys! I'm excited to share my three-part series from my recent trip to the Dominican Republic which we had a short stop in Panama City. I am the type of person who prioritizes comfort when I travel so you can often see me rocking tapered fit sweatpants along with either bomber jacket or a hoodie with a graphic T-shirt under it as my travel outfit. In this post, I wanted to share some useful tips when you are visiting Panama so you can get most out of your trip.

Panama City itself offers a range of beautiful sights ranging from its Metropolis filled with tall buildings with an exotic design to coastal natural sights along with its beautiful sunset view. Uber works in Panama which makes everything infinitely more convenient, and the price is significantly cheaper compared to the Uber prices in the United States.  Food and drinks are priced similarly to the United States so do plan your budget accordingly. If you go to souvenir market in Casco Viejo then you can negotiate the prices with the local vendors, and get the best deal. The market does close around 7 pm so if you miss the market then you can check out the other souvenir stores around the area with slightly higher prices, but their hours might be little more convenient for you.

Couple of must-see places in Panama City that we visited are Panama Canal, Casco Viejo, and Amador area. We got lucky with our visit to Panama Canal and got to witness the engineering marvel in the works. Two different ships passed through the canal, and we got to witness how the canal itself works. I highly recommend you to look up the video on Youtube, because it is truly amazing.

Afterwards, we went to Amador which is a long strip of beautifully arranged Palm Trees, and a trail with a gorgeous sunset view. At the end of the trail, there are a number of restaurants for you to enjoy along with a famed Panama sign! We ended the night in Casco Viejo which is a popular tourist area with a lot of restaurants, market, and bars along with a nightlife. There is a Mojito stand next to the cost view with the best mojito ever which I highly recommend for you to try. Besides that enjoy some of the snaps from our stay below!


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