Dec 27, 2017

Hey guys! Coming at you with another awesome holiday casual look this week with &pizza! During the holidays I love ditching the suit and tie with something more casual and comfortable. My go-to casual during the winter season is a striped sweater since it offers subtle benefits depending on your mission with your outfit. Horizontal stripes can create more broad look while the vertical stripes can make you look taller. I finished up this look with matching navy jeans and darker toned boots with a scarf to keep your neck warm.

Today's post was sponsored by &pizza which is by far one of my favorite pizza places in Metro DC area. Not only it is super budget friendly, but it offers a variety of different ingredients you can pick from which includes an egg. An egg people, as odd as it sounds, the egg tastes amazing on a pizza which I highly recommend you try, and they cook your pizza right on the spot so you are getting a freshly baked pizza every time. They also have a vegetarian option which is pictured down below. Finally, if you are a fan of fountain drinks then this is the place for you since they got oddball flavors like "Gingerberry lemonade", "Cereal Milk cream soda", and "pear fig elixir". They are all delicious as their name so definitely, stop by and check them out!

Sweater by H&M, Pants by Banana Republic, Watch by Timex, and Boots by Johnston & Murphy.

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