Dec 12, 2017

Hey guys! I'm bringing another awesome outfit shot in City Center area in Washington DC where they have seasonal ornaments which creates an amazing scenery along with its chic shops and restaurants. Winter is officially here, and with it comes all the winter style accessories that you can utilize in your modern day armor. One of my favorite ways to stay stylish, and more importantly stay warm is to wear a scarf with my outfit whether its business or casual. In this post, I have shown three different ways to wear your scarf while earning style brownie points. My scarf color/pattern preference is usually to have a color that contrasts your outfit so it gives that 'pop' in your outfit while having a pattern that compliments your outfit...

As you can see, I got three different patterns in the entire outfit yet they compliment each other instead of looking like a complete mess. The secret is to have a commonality between the patterns which can be either similar patterns (all linear patterns, or circular etc), or similar tone colors (which I utilized in this outfit where all the colors are passive toned).

Lastly, I have always had a fantastic experience with Banana Republic suits. Everything from the fit, material and especially the design. This particular suit is no exception, the Italian wool not only keeps you warm, but it hugs your body beautifully.
I would love to hear your feedback and if you would like to get the look, the links are at the bottom!

Suit and Trouser by Banana Republic, Shirt by Ryan Seacrest, Tie by Bows-n-Ties, and Glasses by Warby Parker.

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