Oct 16, 2016


Wearing Coat, Shirt and Pants by Banana Republic, Shoes by Johnston & Murphy, Tie by 40Colori, Tie clip by Sprezza Box, Scarf by Gobi Cashmere.

Hey guys! I'm again excited to be collaborating with Banana Republic to bring you this beautiful look as we head into the winter. There are so many thing I love about this look; starting with the beautiful camel color coat that would immediately make you stand out in the crowd with its beautiful fit. I do want to add something onto the statement I wrote on the post about jeans because Banana Republic literally conquered the fitted jeans game as they are all have amazing fit with a beautiful colors. Most of all this particular jeans is made from a denim that stretches easily so it never looks too tight or too loose. I added the scarf to the look to keep your neck warm in the chilly winter breeze while giving you extra style points!

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