Nov 5, 2016


Blazer and Pants by Banana Republic, Tie by SprezzaBox, Shoes by Sketchers, Watch by MVMT Watches, and Socks by Paul Evans NY.

Oct 16, 2016


Wearing Coat, Shirt and Pants by Banana Republic, Shoes by Johnston & Murphy, Tie by 40Colori, Tie clip by Sprezza Box, Scarf by Gobi Cashmere.

Sep 10, 2016


Shirt by Banana Republic, Cardigan by Tommy Hilfiger, Jeans by Banana Republic, Tie by 40Colori, Loafer by Johnston & Murphy, Watch by Klasse14, and Socks by Sprezza Box.

Aug 23, 2016


Suit by Zara, T-Shirt by H&M, Pants by Dockers, Bracelet by NxStyle and Shoes by Sketchers.

Jul 21, 2016


Wearing Jacket by H&M, Shirt by Banana Republic, Pants by Dockers, Watch by Daniel Wellington, Shoes by Johnston & Murphy and Pocket Sq by Howard Matthews Co.

Jun 23, 2016


Wearing Shorts by Banana Republic, Watch by Marc Bale, and Kicks by Bangs Shoes.

Jun 9, 2016


Wearing Suit by Calvin Klein, Bracelet by NxStyle, Tie by TopMan, Shoe by Pair of Kings, Watch by MVMT Watches, and Shirt by Kenneth Cole.
Photography by Carleigh Barszcz.

May 12, 2016

 Wearing Bracelets by NxStyle (Coming Soon), Suit by Calvin Klein, Watch by Vincero Collective, Tie by Bows-n-ties, Tie Clip by Howard Matthews, Socks by Foot Cardigan, and Shoes by Johnston & Murphy.

Apr 16, 2016

Wearing Double breasted blazer by Bar 3, Shoes by Clarks (Similar Here), Overcoat by Kenneth Cole, Pants by Dockers, and bracelet by NxStyle (Coming Soon!). This is an exclusive look I have created for Clarks as their #TrendSetter! Be sure to check out their new arrivals here!